Digital Transformation

Accelerating Innovation to transform students becoming our next generation of Leaders.


Innovation, Leadership & Strategic Partnership

The Hub of Digital Transformation at Fresno State offers Creative Collaboration spaces, Design Thinking framework, and Incubation opportunities to transform our student learners to tomorrow’s global leaders.  Through the strategic partnerships of Academia and Industry communities, we support and enrich technology innovation, research and development for the university and central valley community from Cloud to Closets and Farms to Forks!

Project Ignite

Project Ignite is a campus-wide technology innovation program developed through a collaboration between the Technology Services – Hub of Digital Transformation and Incubation and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Project Ignite to promote interdisciplinary student involvement to drive ideation, creative exploration and business model development. Project Ignite seeks to marry the creativity of the young mind with the academic foundation of untethered intellectual curiosity to create a platform that encourages students to explore, evaluate, potentially fail, and hopefully succeed.

Leadership. Innovation. Technology.

Through a partnership with Technology Services and Student Involvements, L.I.T. will provide a unique leadership experience where students will explore how current technology can improve organizations by leveraging innovation and leadership skills to strategically impact change. Using disruptive technology, the participants will work alongside university leaders to bring forward meaningful change on the Fresno State campus and beyond. Grounded in Design Thinking, Change Management, and Creative Leadership models, participants will not only create products, but learn how to lead in various settings by focusing improving and shaping the future of technology and how it can improve the community.

Innovation of Things

Smart Campus

Fresno State students voted to approve the building of a new student union building.  The new student union, located at the central public space on the Fresno State campus, will incorporate more innovative technology features as a technology platform.  The Amazon Enterprise IoT Buttons program is just the start of Fresno State Smart Campus BOLD movement.  


Agriculture is rapidly moving toward the adoption and implementation of advanced technology solutions that are currently being used in other manufacturing and production industries. The motivation for on-farm technology deployment is to optimize the use of water, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fuel, labor, and other agricultural inputs to maximize crop yield and financial performance. While Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been aggressively investing in providing Smart/Emerging technology solutions for the needs from the Farms to the Forks.

Cloud 1st

As Fresno State is going all-in with Amazon Cloud, we will soon have the full stack of AWS skills to support the campus computing needs as well as the opportunity of reinvesting the upgraded technology capability to contribute in Digital Transformation momentum of Central Valley at large. Fresno State has a successful track record of supporting community use of digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, practices, models, culture, and customer experiences to meet ever-changing business and market dynamics.

Virtual Student Assistant

As technological advancements in education have emerged quickly and diversely over the last decade, traditional teacher-learner classroom settings may be no longer best suitable pedagogy to younger generation, who are often categorized as quick learners and heavy users of modern technology but may suffer from course information overload. A user friendly and intelligent learning environment that channels students to suitable personalized learning experience efficiently and adaptively in real-time may be a silver bullet to ease learning nightmare. A Virtual Learning Assistant (VLA) serves one of fittest candidates to the problem. Teachers and learners may earn bidirectional benefits from VLA.


The Mobile Student Intranet is designed to deliver mobile-first engagement across the Student Life Cycle. With our Student Experience-Based Dynamic Content Strategy, students stay informed whenever and wherever via the devices of their choice, including wearables. The Dynamic Content Strategy employs the concept of hybrid information “buckets” ( designed around hierarchy and priority, as well as a student’s current phase within the Student Life Cycle, allowing for a highly customized experience combining information a student both needs and wants. The proposed framework for the Mobile Student Intranet ( is designed to distribute digital information relevant to students. This Communication Hub is the place to publish and consume content of all sorts, i.e. integration of SIS, LMS, and event systems. Based on the core Information Object Model (rules - metadata and behaviors - tags), a Rule based engine (AI) is designed to facilitate persona-based (needs) and individualized (wants) information.

Blockchain-powered Digital Credential (‘OPEN’ Digital Badges) Platform

Micro-credentials provide a way to acknowledge achievement and to recognize the acquisition of specific skills. Fresno State has established digital badges experiences in Library information literacy, trainings, and self-paced learning (MOOC) programs with the integration of Learning Management System (LMS). The new Digital Credential Platform is proposed to embrace Blockchain technologies to improve data verifiability, availability, and reliability for the evidence of learning. Once the digital badges are recorded on blockchain, they can’t be altered. It prevents fraud and mutilation of records by the involved entities to mitigate deceptive certificates.

AI-Powered Accessible Streaming

Accessible Instructional Video Content Streaming is a collaborative project of two groups in the Technology Services organization (the Hub for Innovation, Research, and Development; and Academic Technology), and faculty research partners. Together we are discovering and adopting emerging innovations for advancements in education with Cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence.

This project is to develop and implement an on-demand digital repository with Amazon CloudFront to deliver instructional video content in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Mobile-ready format; and, with Amazon Transcribe – an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service, to add speech to text capability for Accessibility – Closed Captioning. Other AWS Cloud services will also be adopted, i.e. S3 for video storage and Amazon Glacier for archiving. There will also be a front end UI for faculty to upload and manage videos and a dashboard for viewing statistics.

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