As one of BOLD Innovation visions of the CIO, Orlando Leon, Fresno State has established the Digital Transformation (DX) program to be the Hub of Central Valley Technology Innovation and Incubation.  Max Tsai is appointed as the Coordinator of Digital Transformation architecting innovation at Fresno State.  We have the connections to the Central Valley business community thru the partnership with Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and, Central Valley farmers “with TRUST” thru the partnership of AVP of Water & Sustainability and WET (Water and Energy Technology Incubator).  

At DxI, through partnerships with campus entrepreneurial and leadership programs, students and faculty can develop new technical concepts, research ideas, advanced prototypes and conduct market analysis and test. DxI provides a collaborative framework to nurture new, emerging technology and novel ideas.  DxI also hosts technology innovation showcases and business plan competitions, with a priority of bringing academia and industry (local, regional, national) into close partnership with each other.  

DxI is a BOLD Fresno State initiative focused toward better support of student success through high impact practices!

Current State

Program Leaders

Orlando serves as CIO overseeing all things relating to technology and has over 20 years of IT experience with 13 years in higher education. Orlando has a vision to increase organizational and institutional capacity in the area of technology innovation, driven by real and timely needs of the university. He prioritized resources to create Fresno State’s first technology innovation team, with the hopes of providing real return-on-investment through positive value (ie. monetary, brand/image/reputation, greater partnerships, more opportunities for students, etc). Orlando has also prioritized student leadership development, through mentoring, coaching, sponsorship of capstone projects, and through the Fresno State hackathon.

Max J. Tsai serves as the Coordinator of Digital Transformation and Innovation Architect providing thought leadership in digital disruption and driving technology innovation at Fresno State. Max has more than 20 years of IT experience in higher education building effective innovation alliances across the campus community and developing new technology programs with a focus on fostering relationships corporate and public sector partners. He leads the Project Ignite initiative and the cross-functional and multi-level Hub of Digital Transformation and Incubation at Fresno State.